Paul Sears

Founder – Visionary Sapiens
Advisory Committee

Paul Sears is a respected music publisher and manager for over 30 years. 

In the early 80s, Paul embarked on an adventure in Italy that would shape his career. Beginning modestly in recording studios, he discovered his passion for songwriting and managing crossover club records, creating a distinctive niche in nurturing Italian talents with global ambitions. By the 90s, he had left a significant mark, guiding Whigfield to a 4-week UK chart-topping success with “Saturday Night”.

At Off Limits, Paul co-founded a secondary copyright-collecting society in Italy. Later, he also founded Spaceship Management, where he managed the DJ Benny Benassi, with whom he won two Grammys, the upcoming multi-platinum duo Merk & Kremont, and produced tracks for international stars such as Madonna and Chris Brown, among others. 

Paul also provides consultancy services to major music labels and artists through another company he founded – Visionary Sapiens. He has facilitated significant collaborations, including one between Quavo and Sfera Ebbasta, and arranged for Timbaland to produce Tiziano Ferro’s album.

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