The Greater Potential of Generative AI

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June 18, 2024

The music industry has been introduced to a wide array of AI tools and platforms that span the entire creative process, from initial composition to the final stages of distribution and marketing. These tools and platforms vary in complexity, from basic recommendation systems and assistive AI tools to advanced generative AI models. The more advanced Generative AI models have rapidly risen to prominence as the principal point of interest in the music industry.  Generative AI music refers to AI models capable of generating music autonomously or semi-autonomously.  These models are seen as a double-edged sword – an opportunity for increased creativity and productivity versus a severe threat to copyright infringement and the dilution of music. While this prevailing discussion rightfully exists, the real potential of generative AI is found elsewhere – accessibility. Generative AI is set to transform how consumers experience music, moving beyond consumption to a medium of expression and entertainment accessible to all. Generative AI is accelerating the rise of the consumer-creator, leading to the bifurcation of the music industry into two distinct segments – lean-back consumption with streaming and the creator economy as a place for fandom.

To learn more about the rise of the consumer-creator and the bifurcation theory, please refer to our comprehensive member-only report on the greater potential of generative AI, available in the member section here.


Tim Soens – Web3 Music Association Analyst